Steers Center

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The story of Mission & Momentum: The Campaign for Canterbury is a story of our students—their ideas, their visions, and their aspirations for the School, community, and home we all share.

The Steers Center—our striking, new, 22,000-square foot student center with innovative academic space—is the result of an extensive community-wide study focused on our students’ day-to-day academic and extracurricular lives. It is an entirely student-centric space. 

Strategically placed at the natural crossroad of campus life—where students instinctively converge among academic, athletic, and residential buildings—the Steers Center will create a hub for our entire community. It will nurture a full range of meaningful interactions among students and faculty, inspire collaborative and innovative learning, and provide a gathering place for community events and celebrations. Together with a new campus square, its location will strengthen the interconnectivity of our physical campus at the intersection of Elkington Farm Road and Aspetuck Avenue and anchor the daily pace and pattern of our community to the center of our hilltop.

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Our students are active learners.
They need classrooms with more flexibility.

-Lindsey Mulhern P '22, English Department Chair

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I really think that this new building
will further foster our sense of community.

-Shirley Arias-Pimental '19
Recipient of the Dr. Nelson Hume Award and
The Class of 1987 Citizenship Award


"The location of the new building, just south of The Chapel of Our Lady on the sloping lawn, allows the entire School community to benefit from its place at the natural center of campus. The two-story building takes advantage of the descending site grade, as the wide-paneled windows reveal the momentous backdrop of the Aspetuck Ridge Range. Canterbury's student-centric mission and the aim of the Mission & Momentum Campaign are only strengthened by the building's placement: to enhance what students already love about the School—the community—and to create avenues for it to be fostered even further."

—Robert V. GIlbane ’67
Chairman, gilbane development company


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This building will be crucial for younger students, older students,
day students, boarders—giving everyone a place to just be together.

-Jack Rufa '20

what's inside


  • M. & D. D’Amour Center for Faith, Service & Justice

  • Innovation & Design Lab 

  • Digital Media Lab

  • Flexible Classrooms   

  • Group Study & Breakout Space

  • School Store

  • Student Center & Café


"The spaces within the Steers Center will reshape learning for our students and unite the community in a vibrant central location at the heart of campus."

—sue roberts 
associate head of school for academics


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Investment in tech is not just investment
in the campus—it's an investment in the students.

-John Martiska '19
Grandson of long time faculty member John "Rock" Martiska,
son of Tom Martiska '76
Recipient of the Elizabeth (Betty) Burke Award

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It will be convenient to spend time with friends
and get together to work on class projects.

-Joyce Gao ’20